Active Shooter Drills

LaGarda Security sponsored about 40 to 50 law enforcement personnel from nine different agencies to participate in two emergency readiness training drills Thursday at both Grand Blanc High School campuses. The drill was set up to put the roughly 1,200 staff through a mock live shooter event to help them in case it actually happens in the future.

“The purpose is basically for school safety. We want to re-enact as realistically as possible a real live shooter situation,” said Dan Wolschleger, school liaison officer for Grand Blanc Middle School West. “(We want to) see if we have any safety issues in case we have a real live shooter.”

This is a good way to test the school’s lockdown procedure, train the staff and the police from around the county at the same time, he said.

Over at the west campus, two plain clothes officers enter the building acting as gunmen. They hold guns loaded only with blanks and immediately two shots are heard from outside the building.

Department of Corrections officers wait outside in teams of three or four, preparing to enter the drill. Teams hold off entering the building for five minutes, the average response team for a live shooter situation. After that teams are sent in one minute apart. For more information regarding this article visit

Within the five minute nine or more shots can be heard. The first team of four goes in, checking right, checking left and covering every direction.

The team listens for more shots and heads up the stairs staying in contact with other teams. Blank rounds cover hallway floors and smoke fills the air.

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