“Whatever it takes…”

Michigan Security Company

Michigan Security Company

“Whatever it takes,” are three very powerful words. This is the mentality of the Lagarda Security team.

Starting in 1988, Lagarda Security, a Michigan Security Company, has been tailoring services to fulfill the specific needs of each individual client. We pride ourselves in the quality of the services we offer and the rate of competitiveness we display. We realize each client is very different in their security needs and will do whatever it takes to make our client completely satisfied. Each and every client is important to us whether they need one security officer or many. Our first and foremost priority is to satisfy your security needs.

Lagarda Security is a complete security company, offering services such as, but not limited to, security officers (both armed and unarmed), private investigators, surveillance equipment, and cameras. It is because of this Lagarda Security is able to customize a security regimen tailored to your specific requirements.

Lagarda Security, a Michigan Security Company, is known to consistently go above and beyond the normal expectations of  a security company to ensure each client is supplied with “whatever it takes” to be a satisfied customer.

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Lagarda Security has grown over the years and has developed relationships with a wide array of clients. They range from major metropolitan office buildings to apartment complexes, Fortune 500 companies to small construction companies, and even start up companies. We provide a large array of services customized to fit your individual needs. At Lagarda Security, we will sit down with you and create a program to encompass everything you expect your security company to provide you with, and even take it an extra step further. We at Lagarda Security know that proactivity is the best key to prevention.

As of January Lagarda Security was awarded the City of Detroit General Services Security Contract. We currently service 20 different City ran buildings ranging from municipal to parking lots. We provided a turn key security program and executed a job start with confidence.

Lagarda Security also prides itself on the hiring and training of its employees. We conduct thorough background checks and personal evaluations. We realize if motivation is not properly provided, our security officer turn-over rate would be as high as our competitors, so we have taken steps to prevent this from occurring. We offer excellent benefit packages. We require our security officers to go through a rigorous training program so our employees are capable and able to handle a wide array of situations. We provide adequate and proper supervision by trained management professionals. All of this put together helps us to ensure top quality employees that take pride in their jobs and have the capability to take care of any situation they are faced with.

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