Employment Opportunities

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It is the policy of Lagarda Security to grant equal opportunity employment to all individuals regardless of color, race, religion, sex, national origin, handicap or veteran status. It is the policy of Lagarda Security to abide by the following guidelines:

1. Recruit, hire and promote for all job classifications without regard for race, color, religion, sex, national origin, handicap, age or veteran status.

2. Ensure that promotion decisions are in accord with principals of equal opportunity employment.

3. Ensure that all personnel actions regarding compensation, benefits, transfers, layoffs, return from layoffs and all training programs are administered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, handicap or veteran status.

Lagarda will only consider applicants who meet the following minimum requirements:

1. Must be at least 18 years of age.

2. Must be a U.S. citizen, or legal alien possession appropriate work permit or visa.

3. Must be fluent, both orally and in writing, in English, at a high school level and be clearly understandable via radio communication transmissions.

4. Must be emotionally stable, mentally alert and able to perform job responsibilities.

5. Must possess a valid State of Michigan driver’s license.

6. Must have a work and character background that indicates dependability, reliability, and the ability to work harmoniously with others.

7. Must have been honorably discharged if served in a branch of the military service. Must not have been terminated from any previous employment for other than honorable circumstances, unless documented extenuating circumstances can be demonstrated.

8. Must provide a home telephone number, have reliable transportation, and be available in the event of an emergency.

9. Must possess the capacity to acquire a good working knowledge of all aspects of the job

10. Must have the ability to operate under stressful situation.

Lagarda requires that all applicants complete our application for employment. The application packet includes a questionnaire regarding their past work history, as well as information regarding Lagarda policy on drug and alcohol abuse. The application requires that certain information related to the applicant’s work history and criminal conviction history be answered before that application will be accepted. The application is thoroughly reviewed for completeness before an initial interview is granted.

The initial interview of the applicant is conducted to determine items such as availability, salary requirements, and any additional information that may aid in the background investigation. Applicants who do not meet the minimum requirements are invited to return if and when they do. If the applicant meets the minimum requirements, he or she is invited to attend a pre-employment orientation. If the applicant accepts the invitation, the completed application is forwarded for a background investigation.

Pre-Employment Screening Process

The office reviews the application and notes any discrepancies. Upon determining that the applicant qualifies for employment, a background investigation will be conducted. The investigation will include the following:

1. Employment/Qualification Verification- This investigation will include verification of: prior employment and/or education for the last seven years. Periods of unemployment lasing 60 days or more will be verified. This may include character references for non-related individuals.

2. Identity Verification- Lagarda will initiate a social security number confirmation trace to validate the names and addresses provided. This portion of the screening process also includes a check against the Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) and Blocked Persons list maintained by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (O.F.A.C.), which puts Lagarda in compliance with the Patriot Act and the Trading with the Enemy Act. Our system updates the list on a daily basis to ensure that all new hires are screened against the most current lists.

3. Criminal Records Check- Lagarda will conduct a criminal history through the Michigan State Police and the results will meet the criminal dissemination criteria.

4. Driver’s License Check- Lagarda will initiate a check of the applicant’s driving record through the State Department Of Motor Vehicles. This should reveal all traffic violations, driving-related offenses, and substantiate a valid operator’s license.

5. Drug Screening- All applicants are required to take a “10 panel” urinalysis test conducted by an independent drug screening clinic.

Pre-Employment Orientation

This orientation provides that applicant with information about the security industry and the responsibilities of being a security officer. The video presentation lasts approximately 3 hours and encompasses such topics as the legal role of the security officer, professionalism, and other topics. When the presentation is complete, the applicant is asked if they are interested in continuing with the application process. Those applicants, who wish to continue, complete the pre-employment screening process, which includes a discussion with the personnel manager regarding their pre-employment background investigation.