Lagarda Security Awarded General Services Contract as of 2012 for The city of Detroit


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Lagarda Security is a complete security company, offering services such as, but not limited to, security officers, private investigators, surveillance equipment, & cameras.


Lagarda Security realizes the importance of a well-trained officer, and goes to great lengths to ensure that their officers complete a comprehensive training course.


Lagarda Security utilizes all of the newest technology to help ensure that the services we provide for you are efficient and cutting edge.


Because appearance matters, it is important to make sure your security officer is dressed in a professional manner that demands respect, and demonstrates confidence.

Our Services

  • Uniformed Security Personnel
  • Armed & Unarmed Specialized Officers
  • Marked Patrol Vehicles
  • Executive Escort & Protection
  • Emergency Response Teams
  • Security Assessment & Survey
  • Alarm Response and Investigation
  • Covert and Plain Clothed Operations
  • 24/7 Live Command & Dispatch Center
  • Special Event & Crowd Control Specialists
  • Anti-Piracy, Active-Shooter, Bomb Threat Program Development
  • Private Investigation
  • Network, Surveillance & Biometric Security Equipment

“Whatever It Takes”

“Whatever it takes,” are three very powerful words. This is the mentality of the Lagarda Security team.
Lagarda Security is a complete security company, offering services such as, but not limited to, security officers (both armed and unarmed), private investigators, surveillance equipment, and cameras. It is because of this Lagarda Security is able to customize a security regimen tailored to your specific requirements.

Why Lagarda

Over the span of three decades in the security industry, Lagarda Security has embraced a simple yet highly effective approach to achieving customer satisfaction, successfully raising the industry standards nationwide. Guided by the philosophy of 'whatever it takes,' this principle is consistently applied to every scenario. We have meticulously formulated and developed security programs catering to a range of clients, from local small businesses to corporate Fortune 500 enterprises. Our growth has remained steady year after year. We continually inspire our team and diverse portfolio of clients to excel through a proactive stance in handling any potential situation. More

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